Overall Experiences of the Eurotrip

I had this update ready to post on November 19th, but I did not have any photos to attach to it. Since I just got those photos today, it’s getting posted today.

Germany (Munich, Berlin, Siegen, Kohn, Frankford)

  • Walking through the English Gardens, we fed some Mallard ducks bread. Overall best part of the trip ever!
  • The hotel room we had in Berlin was upgraded to a business room since the normal rooms were all occupied. The breakfast that the hotel offered was exceptional.
  • Angie and I used the Xbox Kinect in Munich. It was rather interesting.
  • NEW: I became the ultimate pigeon warrior. (Thanks Patrick!)

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

  • The universal language of Amsterdam seems to be English.
  • Somehow, even random people that I don’t know harass me. Angie and I went to a Mexican restaurant and the waiter kept on teasing me while being exceptionally nice to Angie. He told me I should come back daily.
  • Angie somehow turned into a walking information booth. People were always asking her questions.

Switzerland (Zurich)

  • The only day where I saw the sun was when I was visiting Switzerland.
  • Got lost looking for Zach at the train station. Went looking around for a while. Angie found a different side of the station that neither of us knew about where Zach was waiting.
  • One side of the train station, the city looks rather sketchy and lame. The other side, quite amazing.

France (Paris)

  • Standing under the Eiffel Tower is amazing. It’s spectacular.
  • Paris has a very run-down, shady side of the city, and a nicer more-touristy side.
  • The subway system in Paris is amazing. Getting from place to place in relatively no time with no effort.
  • Checked out the Louve. I was more interested in the architecture of the building itself then the contents of it. I just love modern architecture a lot. Metal and glass are my two favorite components.
  • The hotel room we had was upgraded to a three-person room instead of a two-person.
  • We got sucked into a restaurant with a deal that was almost too good to pass up. Bread, beverage, water, appetizer, main course, and dessert for about eleven Euros. Angie sneakily stashed some of the bread away for future use.
  • Using my phone, I ordered Scott Pilgrim vs. The World while in bed in the hotel with one click. It was awesome.


  • Water is not free. Milk seemed to be in general cheaper than water. 🙁
  • The EuroRail train system is amazing. Traveling from almost any part of Europe to another with ease.
  • The McDonalds restaurants are a lot nicer in Europe than the United States.
  • Burger King, McDonalds, Subway, and Starbucks seem to be fairly popular for American fast food joints.
  • Countries in Europe are not nanny states like those states in America are. The governments are more lax on censorship, and personal decisions that regard ones health.
  • Fanta seems to be really popular.
  • On my way back to the states, I was flagged in every area. Having absolutely nothing on me (no belt even!), I set off the metal detector, they needed to open my bag which really had nothing except a few adapters and cables, and they randomly searched me before boarding the aircraft. United States [Customs and Border Protection] / [TSA] sucks. Enough said.

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