Life in Germany

  • Angie and I had to run through the Atlanta airport to catch our flight to Germany. Somehow, our checked-in baggage made it too.
  • German Customs / Border Patrol was super easy. No paperwork!
  • It’s beautiful here. Trees everywhere, nice landscapes, etc.
  • Picked up a German SIM card, so you can call or text Angie or I. The number is +49.017.472.41351.
  • Rainy here, but about the same temperature as Minnesota around this time of year.
  • Went to a pub and hung out there for a while.
  • Angie and I have our next trips planned and the train tickets have been boughten. I’ll post more about that later…
  • We got lost in Kln, even with the native German. I wanted to pull out my phone to use the GPS, but Jan told Angie to ask for directions.
  • There is no CDMA technology in Germany. My phone is a brick here.
  • For those that want boots to drink from, my friends here have no idea where to find one. There are some lame souvenir ones, but they are small and pricey.

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