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Unfortunately, I have not posted anything in a while. Well, hopefully this will make up for that and help someone.

Folder opens every time you log into Windows.
Well, in my case, it was “C:\Program Files\Dell” that kept on constantly opening. Here is why, and how I fixed it.
First of all, the folder is launching on startup most likely because of a mistake in the path to the program. For example:
C:\Program Files\Dell Support\...
is different than
"C:\Program Files\Dell Support\..."
Notice how one has the quotes, and the other does not. This is the issue, because the quotes tell Windows that that entire thing is the path. Otherwise, Windows thinks the path ends at “C:\Program Files\Dell” Since there is a space after “Dell”. So, just look around the registy for paths formated as such, and hopefully you will find the issue.
Now, you may be asking me why there can be a space in “Program Files”. Well, I have two theories for that, but I have not bothered to test either of them.
1. Windows can’t open a folder called “C:\Program” because it does not exist, so that line is ignored.
2. Windows by default is aware of a space in-between ‘Program’ and ‘Files’.

Unable to Remove / Modify programs in the Add / Remove applet in Windows
and / or
Missing programs in the Add / Remove Applet
and / or
Missing information for the listed programs in the Add / Remove applet.

Yeah, this one is one of those problems I would hope would get caught sooner than later. What it boils down to is something / someone removing all the uninstall information from the Windows Registy. Yes, I mean virtually everything. Your best chance at fixing this issue would be to go back with a System Restore point to a time that it worked.
The program that broke it for me and removed absolutly everything with my uninstall information was “Yahoo! Browser Services”. Luckly, the second time around before I tried to remove this program, I exported my uninstall information from the registry so I could reimport it after if it broke.

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