Possible gnome-cups-manager README file improvement

A realistic ending to the gnome-cups-manager README file, courtesy of Kevin Warns. Somebody should submit this back to Gnome SVN…

New (sad, morbid, realistic) ending:

43 The little girl looked up at him. “What are you?” she asked.
45 “I’m a printer!” said the printer.
47 “A what?” asked the little girl.
49 “A printer! Surely you’ve heard of me. I make paper copies of things
50 on your computer!”, replied the printer.
52 “In today’s all-digital world, there is no reason for you to exist!” said
53 the little girl.
55 The printer was devastated. He spent the rest of the day slitting his cables
56 and praying for the cold darkness to overcome him and take away his pain.